What determines the possibility of obtaining compensation?
  • Do I need to be an EU citizen in order to get the compensation in compliance with EU legislation? No. You can demand the compensation even if you are a citizen of another country. Your citizenship does not determine your rights according to EU 261/2004.
  • How to file a claim? That is very easy. Just click “check your flight” and fill in the application form. If you have some difficulties – contact our support service. We are waiting to work with your claim.
  • Why it is so difficult to obtain the compensation? The airlines openly dispute the recent EU legislation. Generally they try to refuse the majority of claims, referring to “extraordinary circumstances”. Despite the fact that the court ordered them to pay compensation in some cases, many airlines have refused to do that so far. They often point to the fact that air passengers are likely to shy away from trouble in the court. So, what is meant by the term "extraordinary circumstances"? It must be admitted that the delay or cancellation of flights is not always the fault of the airlines. If it's not their fault, they do not have to pay compensation. Extreme weather conditions, political unrest and strikes are "extraordinary circumstances”. Such events are not under the control of the airlines.
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